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  • 2022 selection of authors from French-speaking Belgium

2022 selection of authors from French-speaking Belgium

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To promote authors from French-speaking Belgium in the world, we have created a new tool: a selection of titles and samples of books renewed every year.

This first selection 2022 presents 45 books published in 2021: 10 novels, 10 comics, 10 children’s books, 10 non-fiction and 5 poetry titles written by 25 authors and 26 authors. After a brief presentation of the author and his/her world, a large part of the text is presented in a very fluid and airy layout.

Available in French and English, the aim of this selection is multiple: to arouse the curiosity of foreign translators and publishers; to arouse the desire to invite our creators and programmers to international fairs and festivals; to arouse the interest of researchers looking for subjects on contemporary authors; to offer a photograph, a sample of the literary and bookish creation of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

Ten professionals with a keen eye participated in this selection:

Novels: Adrienne Nizet, Co-director of Passa Porta & Muriel Collart, Manager of the Wallonia-Brussels Bookshop in Paris

Comics: Thierry Bellefroid, RTBF journalist and exhibition curator & Isabelle Debekker, Director of the Belgian Comics Centre

Youth: Luc Battieuw, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Libbylit & Brigitte Vanden Bossche, Coordinator of the Ateliers Texte Image de Liège

Non-fiction: Frédéric Saenen, Critic and Lecturer at the University of Liège & Michel Zumkir, Critic

Poetry: Gérald Purnelle, Professor at the University of Liège & Rony Demaeseneer, Librarian and literary critic

This project was coordinated by Altura Consultance, designed by Mathieu Litt and translated by Impact Traduction.

The selection in French and English can be found at the bottom of this page.