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  • Literary Prizes 2021 of Wallonia-Brussels Federation

Literary Prizes 2021 of Wallonia-Brussels Federation

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To unveil the faces of Belgian French-language literary creation, to celebrate singular writing, to arouse the curiosity of readers: the vocation of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation’s literary prizes is multiple. Initiated in other forms as early as 1924 for some of them, this recognition, developed and orchestrated by experts and attentive eyes, has a firm ambition: revealing the territories of a plural literary creation.

These awards consecrate as much as they reveal: from a career at its peak to professional paths in progress, they highlight the paths of creators. Theatrical writing, the great absentee of the traditional autumn awards, is honored in 2021. The stage of the Théâtre Le 140, which has been increasingly open to literature for several years, will have been the ideal setting for this evening on the 8th November 2021.  

You can find the list of the winners, as well as video clips of the winning authors, on the Objectif plumes website.

The winners: 

  • Triennial Children’s Literature Prize: Anne Herbauts
  • Atomium Prize – Comics: José Parrondo
  • Prize for the first work in French: Le Fil des traversées, Anna Ayanoglou (Editions Gallimard) 
  • Prize for the first work in children’s literature: Je connais peu de mots, Elisa Sartori (Editions Cot Cot Cot) 
  • Prize for the first work in comics: Manuel de civilité biohardcore d’Antoine Boute, Stephan De Groef et Adrien Herda (Editions Fremok) 
  • Triennial Prize for Dramatic Literature in French: Aurore boréale de Paul Pourveur (Editions l’Arbre de Diane) 
  • Prize for the first work in a regional language: ex-aequo, Michelle Fourez pour Louise Bel Airet Armand Herbeto pour Mi sonle-t-i qui
  • Triennial prize for dramatic literature in a regional language: ex-aequo,  Rose-Marie François, pour Filipè & Je.han et Michel Robert & Michel Meurée, pour Vauban Toudis Li