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Are you looking for a
belgian author?

Do you want to know more about their works and latest activities? Various Belgian sites provide information, each in their own way:


Le Carnet et les Instants

‘Le Carnet et les Instants’ is the dynamic blog created by the Department of Literature of the Ministry of the Wallonia Brussels Federation: literary reviews, announcements of publications, news on events and literary prizes: you will find everything you need.

Site available in French only



Another way to discover Belgian authors is to visit the BELAwebsite, which offers you information on Belgian authors according to the categories, themes and genres of your interest.

Site available in French only


The Literary Awards of the Wallonia-Brussels

These annual prizes award authors who are just starting out and have published a first title, who have distinguished themselves in new forms of writing (slam, spoken word), or established writers whose careers are celebrated. Next to this, they also distinguish the translators of authors from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, as well as people who, through their publications or actions, have contributed to the influence of Belgian literature abroad.

Site available in French only

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