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Promotional tools and materials

We produce various promotional tools and materials for French-speaking Belgian authors. They are grouped together in this section and classified according to their publishing genre.


2023 selection of authors from French-speaking Belgium

This 2023 selection  dedicated to international promotion presents 45 books published in 2021: 10 novels, 10 comics, 10 children’s books, 10 non-fiction and 5 poetry titles. You can download it below.

We also have several novel samples translated into English and Spanish. They can be sent to you by email on request, so do not hesitate to contact us!

Resource available in English and Spanish

  • Mademoiselle Papillon, Alia Cardyn, Editions Robert Laffont (general literature)
  • Cobre, Michel Claise, Genèse Edition (crime fiction)
  • Bluebird, Geneviève Damas, Editions Gallimard (general literature)
  • Cent jours sans Lily, Aliénor Debrocq, Onlit Editions (general literature)
  • Argentine, Serge Delaive, Editions de la Différence (general literature)
  • Le second disciple, Kenan Görgün, Editions Les Arènes (crime fiction) 
  • Feel Good, Thomas Gunzig, Editions Le Diable Vauvert (general literature)
  • Les yeux rouges, Myriam Leroy, Editions du Seuil (general literature)
  • Un monde sur mesure, Nathalie Skowronek, Editions Grasset (general literature)
  • La Carte des regrets, Nathalie Skowronek, Editions Grasset (general literature)
  • Poney Flottant, Isabelle Wéry, Onlit Editions  (general literature)
  • Bataille (pas l’auteur), Aurélie William Levaux, Editions Cambourakis (general literature)

2023 selection-Do you read le belge?


Children’s literature : The repertoire of authors and illustrators

This database presents authors, illustrators and translators from Wallonia and Brussels who are active in the field of children’s literature.

Website available in French and English

Visuel du "Répertoire des auteurs et autrices et des illustrateurs et illustratrices".

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