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Promotional tools and materials

We produce various promotional tools and materials for French -speaking Belgian publishing houses. They are grouped together in this section and classified according to their publishing genre.


Comic books: The catalogue of graphic publishing houses

For the past five years, Wallonia-Brussels International has supported the publication of the Belgo Comics catalogue – available in English and French – which highlights new releases from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation’s graphic publishing houses.

Based on a principle that unites all the publishing houses represented in it, namely the concern for beautiful art, this tool is intended to be as much of a promotional tool as a place of pleasure and discovery: the visuals are tear-out and both the first and fourth cover have been commissioned for the occasion.

Site available in English and French


Children’s literature:
Series of clips “Editer en Belgique-vers le monde | Focus jeunesse”

Children’s literature is now one of the world’s best-selling publishing genres, accounting for almost 30% of the global publishing market. In 2019, 84 million copies of children’s books were purchased worldwide, the equivalent of 1 in 4 sales. Correlated with these impressive sales is a large production: each year, an average of 14,000 new books are published.

French-speaking Belgium is no exception to this prevalence of the genre on the market. Constantly evolving (with the exception of 2019)2, this sector is also one of the most active in terms of exports for the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. We see a market in almost constant expansion and the massive production of books is one of the clear drivers of this increase. Faced with an ever-growing output and the constant emergence of new players, how do you manage to stand out if you run a publishing house in French-speaking Belgium? How do you make your catalogue unique so that you can sell it abroad? How do you go about your own job?

The 9 clips “Editer en Belgique-vers le monde | Focus jeunesse” aim to shed light on the structures that make up the children’s publishing landscape in French-speaking Belgium: to place them in an international perspective, to open them up to other countries, to make it possible to sell abroad; and finally, to show the faces behind the names of these companies.

Site available in English and French


General literature : The Espace Nord collection and its pedagogical files

With more than 360 titles in its catalogue, the Espace Nord collection, created by the Ministry of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, aims to present French-language literature from Belgium in all its diversity.

Each book consists of a critical dossier. In addition, the pedagogical dossiers present an analysis of a particular title or aspect (movements, themes, characters) of the collection. The toolboxes (consisting of a theoretical presentation with powerpoint presentations and practical activities) are designed to introduce Belgian literature into the French classroom.

Site available in English and French

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